Energy Community Treaty revision

In October 2013, the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community decided to extend by ten years the EU-backed Energy Community Treaty, which brings together the Western Balkans, Ukraine and Moldova in order to integrate them with the EU energy market. The original Treaty entered into force in 2006 and expires in 2016. Although it contains some environmental obligations for signatory countries, the Treaty has been criticised by civil society groups for paying relatively little attention to environmental and public health concerns, given the massive impacts of the energy sector in the region. This in turn increases the likelihood of EU countries importing energy produced at great costs to the people and environment in accession and neighbouring countries. The revision of the Treaty is a valuable opportunity to rectify this problem.

Currently, a High Level Reflection Group is evaluating the institutional set-up and working methods of the Energy Community and will report this June with suggested improvements to the Ministerial Council. We urge the Energy Community to take the opportunity to maximize the full potential of the revised Energy Community Treaty in protecting the environment.