Our brand new media, advocacy and communications manual is now published!

In April 2014 SEE Change Net organized a media/advocacy/communication workshop for members of CSOs who are a part of SEE SEP (South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy) network.

The SEE SEP network engages with policy makers at all levels in its work, and simultaneously reaches out to media. To maximize the success of our advocacy activities, we need to create messages which can be digestible for ordinary consumers and relate to quite complex and abstract issues – implementation of new energy policies, climate change, divesting from coal… Because of that, an advanced media/advocacy/communication workshop was designed to empower the already established CSO leaders in the art of how to think about becoming persuaders rather then objectors. This was achieved through a 3-day set of learning activities led by media and communication experts.

The workshop gathered 18 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania and Poland, with lecturers from Great Britain, Montenegro and Albania who provided useful knowledge and insight on the way the media works and how CSOs can improve their media presence and relations with media professionals. Lead facilitator was George Marshall, director of projects for Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN), from United Kingdom. Lecturers were Mihailo Jovović, editor-in-chief of daily Montenegro newspaper Vijesti, Besar Likmeta, editor and media trainer for Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) in Albania and Sankha Guha, journalist and TV presenter from United Kingdom.

The overall goal was to strengthen and protect freedom of information and encourage professional media reporting on energy and environmental issues and rights through an improved CSO and media dialogue and cooperation. In other words, we learned how to give the media what they need in order to improve the media visibility for our campaigns and messages.

All advice and information available on the training was then compiled into a manual, titled “Media, Advocacy and Communications: How to package your messages and improve media visibility”, with a special “cheat sheet” to help campaigners as well as a small card with reminders on what to do before, during and after an interview. Feel free to download!