SEE SEP Energy Model

SEE SEP is a multi-year, multi-country, EU funded regional programme, which intends to use fact-based advocacy to allow civil society groups to go beyond protest and argue for more citizen friendly EU orientated energy policies in the countries of the South East Europe.  A key component of SEE SEP is the development of a publicly accessible energy model to allow decision makers and others to see the impacts of their current and future policies. SEE SEP is in a process of completing the demand-side sectors in energy model.

– The 7 countries from SEE region involved in this activity are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia

– The Lead Partner in the SEE SEP project is SEE Change Net

– The Project has 17 CSO partners

– The Project, with the support of the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), is using an energy model called OPE2RA – Open Source Prospective Energy & Emissions Road Mapping – based on the DECC “My 2050 Calculator

– Technical support to train 14 Civil Society researchers in Energy Modeling is being provided by ClimAct who also provided technical support to the recently completed 2050 Pathways Calculator for Belgium