SEE SEP Evaluation

The SEE SEP programme recently underwent an externally led interim evaluation. The purpose of the interim evaluation was to provide a deep and comprehensive evaluation of the results of the project, identify lessons learned and design recommendations, which can be applied in the next two-year project cycle.

The SEE SEP programme is nearing the end of the first two-year cycle of a four-year partnership with DG Enlargement. It has been implemented since December 2012 by SEE Change Net in partnership with 17 CSO partners from the SEE region, with the goal to enhance the collaborative capacity of CSO networks and empower citizens to engage in fact based dialogue with key decision makers to influence policy and practice for a more sustainable energy system in South East Europe, aligned with key EU Policies and Directives.

The Project is funded by the European Commission, the Balkan Trust for Democracy and UNDP.

The overall finding of the Interim evaluation is that the SEESEP project and partnership is relevant at both regional and national levels. The SEESEP is addressing several gaps in the current mainstream approach to the energy sector in the Western Balkans. Through its policy research and energy modelling work, the project is addressing the gaps in availability of facts and data related to alternative low carbon energy solutions in the region vs. current national energy strategies that are focused on coalĀ and large-scale hydro power generation industry. At the regional level, the SEESEP is addressing the process of development of the Energy Community legal and strategic framework and a lack of dialogue between EU decision makers and SEE CSOs.

The complete findings of the interim evaluation are available in the document below.