Time to Phase Out Dirty Coal in South Eastern Europe: The Hidden Cost We Can Avoid

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 3.19.12 PMMinisterial Council of the Energy Community Treaty, led by Serbia, met in Belgrade on Thursday, October 24 to decide on their approach to cleaning up pollution from dirty coal in line with their EU membership aspirations. A group of NGOs have published a report to contribute to this discussion.

Time to Phase out Dirty Coal: The Hidden Cost We Can Avoid presented in Belgrade on October 22 2013, testifies to the need for protecting citizens of South Eastern Europe from the health damage resulting from use of coal.

The leading regional organisation, SEE Change Net, in cooperation with the Public Interest Advocacy Center – CPI (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Fractal and CEKOR (Serbia) and MANS (Montenegro) urge the Energy Community to avoid any delay in implementing EU legislation for reduction of air pollution from power plants.