Principles and Values

The principles and values underpinning the SEE Change Net’s activities are:

Independence and transparency

SEE Change Net is independent of national governments, EU institutions and other vested interests. It is non-partisan, focusing on policy solutions without political affiliation. We are committed to transparency in its governance and funding, including full disclosure of relevant information on the website and registration with the EU transparency register.

Excellence, relevance and innovation

SEE Change Net works with a series of partners across the region known as South East Europe, providing its members and the wider public with high-quality information and analysis on the regional and EU integration policy agenda. It champions new ideas and solutions, promoting them in an easily understandable format, taking a critical but constructive approach.

Change through dialogue

SEE Change Net aims to promote a dialogue between the different constituencies, spanning all areas of economic and social life, including companies, professional and business federations, trade unions, diplomatic missions, regional and local bodies, as well as NGOs representing different civil society interests, foundations and religious organisations.


The core philosophical principle of SEE Change Net is the idea of collaborative partnerships throughout Europe and beyond, sharing similar objectives to build stronger coalitions for fact based advocacy.