Recommendations Regarding the Reform of Energy Community Treaty

The joint position of 20 CSOs on the reform of Energy Community Treaty in respect of its future work was presented during the 33rd Permanent High Level Group Meeting in Vienna, on Wednesday, June 18 2014, through the report “Recommendations Regarding the Reform of Energy Community Treaty”.

On 24 October 2013, the duration of the Energy Community Treaty was extended for an additional 10 year-period by a decision of the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community.

This extended timeline provided an opportunity to reflect on the past experience in achieving the objectives of the Treaty and on possible improvements to the functioning of the Energy Community, including changes to the current Treaty.

The Ministerial Council of the Energy Community established a High Level Reflection Group (HLRG) chaired by Jerzy Buzek and including Walter Boltz, Vesna Borozan, Fabrizio Donini-Ferretti, Volodymyr Makukha and Goran Svilanović as members.

The Group was mandated by the Ministerial Council to carry out an independent assessment of the adequacy of the institutional set-up and working methods of the Energy Community, and to make proposals for improvements to the Ministerial Council in June of 2014.

This document represents the agreed position of the undersigned Civil Society Organisations towards the Energy Community in respect of its future work and should be seen as complementing the work of the HLRG.

– SEE Change Net Foundation, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Client Earth, Poland
– Front 21/42, Macedonia
– CAN Europe, Belgium
– Analytica, Macedonia
– Advocacy and Training Resource Center – ATRC, Kosovo
– CEKOR, Serbia
– Public Interest Advocacy Center – CPI, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Center for Environment, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– DOOR, Croatia
– Environmental Center for Development, Education and Networking – EDEN, Albania
– Ekolevizja, Albania
– Eko-Svest, Macedonia
– Forum for Freedom of Education – FSO, Croatia
– Fractal, Serbia
– Green Home, Montenegro
– MANS, Montenegro
– World Wide Fund For Nature, MedPo, Italy
– CEE Bankwatch Network, Czech Republic
– Health and Environment Alliance – HEAL, Belgium