The Energy Community’s Social Strategy Outline

The social strategy outline to accompany the regional energy strategy was presented at the 6th Social Forum of The Energy Community Treaty (ECT) on 23rd April in Belgrade. In regard to this process, CSOs from the region urged that before any discussions or decisions are made regarding either of these topics the ECTS should commission research, which evaluates the scale, depth and particularities of Energy Poverty in the region currently and in addition, should model for possible scenarios showing the impact on energy prices, and therefore those caught in the energy poverty trap, following the planned 1st of January 2015 liberalization of the market for all customers. Letter is available for download below.

Projects of Energy Community Interest

In late November 2012, Energy Community Treaty (ECT) launched a call for proposals under the acronym PECI or Projects of Energy Community Interest. The list of potential PECIs was compiled based on submissions from project promoters by December 2012. Proposed PECIs derive their logic from regional energy strategy that has been criticized not only by CSOs but by four groups in the European Parliament. CSOs from the region submitted comments to the PECIs public consultation in April 2013, urging the Energy Community Secretariat to take corrective action and ensure that PECIs become Projects of Every Citizens’ Interest.¬†Letter is available for download below.